CHER Moisture White Skin Serum

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Say goodbye to dry and dehydrated skin, while tightening skin pores and reducing melanin pigment, melasmas and freckles with CHER Moisture White Skin Serum.

CHER Moisture White Skin Serum is formulated with concentrated Hyaluron and Mulberry Extract and causes no skin clogging due to NON COMEDOGENIC property. The serum is non-sticky and contains no fragrance. It helps improve skin to be bright and smooth with hydrated and soft skin.


HYALURON ACID helps restore skin hydration and accelerate skin repairing process. Hyaluronic Acid can restore water more than its weight for 1,000 times.

MORUS ALBA ROOT EXTRACT is rich in Vitamin C, promoting skin to be bright and youthful. It also helps inhibit the Tyrosinase Enzyme, leading to reduction of melanin pigment and prevention of water loss. The antioxidants also help slow down premature aging and reduce skin dullness.

Allantoin helps reduce irritation as well as stimulate scars healing.

Glycerin helps keep water retention and promote skin not to be dry.


For oily skin, apply around eye area in the morning and apply thoroughly facial skin in the evening.

For normal to dry skin, apply thoroughly facial skin every morning and evening.

Content: 15 g.

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-5862148

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