Chame Tone Up UV Shield SPF50+/PA+++

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  • Chame' Tone Up UV Shield SPF50+/PA+++
  • Chame Tone Up UV Shield SPF50+/PA+++
  • Chame Tone Up UV Shield SPF50+/PA+++
  • Chame Tone Up UV Shield SPF50+/PA+++
  • Chame, Chame Tone Up, Chame Tone Up UV Shield, Chame Tone Up UV Shield SPF50+, Chame Tone Up UV Shield SPF50+/PA+++


Details of Chame' Tone Up UV Shield SPF50+/PA+++

Product Features:

The sunscreen with SPF50 + / PA +++ for skin protection and brightness


Chame' Tone Up UV Shield SPF50 + / PA +++ provides maximum protection and brightens skin up to 2 levels instantly with the beige color that is easy to blend. It helps protect skin from the sunlight with SPF50 + / PA +++, protects skin from PM 2.5 dust, and improves skin to be smooth and radiant with waterproof and sweatproof properties. It can also control oil for long and promote long-lasting makeup with immediate aura skin.


  1. SUNSCREENPROTECTION provides high protection with sunscreen technology from Japan. It protects skin from sun damage causing sunburn and aging with high-stable micro particles. It can protect against both UVA and UVB.
  2. ANTI-POLLUTION protects skin from pollution with FILMEXEL® technology from France which is the Film innovation from Tara tree and Red Algae.
  • Provides light texture for comfortable skin
  • Conceals wrinkles and dark spots
  • Protects skin from dust, smoke, and external pollution
  • Reduces the adhesion of PM 2.5 dust
  • Resists the accumulation of bacteria causing acne
  • Helps fight against aging
  • Promotes long-lasting makeup
  1. INSTANTBRIGHTENING promotes radiant skin instantly with RADIANSKINTM which is an innovative substance from France that has been tested to inhibit skin pigmentation through a mechanism that inhibits the release of melanin into skin cells. It is safe for skin as well as protects skin from UVB rays that cause dull skin problems and irritation of skin. It has been tested by dermatologists for not causing irritation, even sensitive skin with 7 Free skin irritants.
  • Free from petroleum
  • Free from alcohol
  • Free from fragrance
  • Free from paraben
  • Free from paraffin
  • Free from oil
  • Free from retinoids

Key Ingredients: a combination of 7 kinds of natural extracts

  1. Cobiodefender EMR (Marine Glycogen Extract from Spanish mussels from Mediterranean Sea)
  2. Arctic Lingonberry (Berry Type Plant)
  3. Polygonum Aviculare Extract (Knotgrass Extract from Canada)
  4. Sulforawhite / Detoxophare™ (pure extract from Garden Cress sprouts)
  5. BioDToxTM (a combination of 3 plant extracts of Aloe, Broccoli, and Citrus for detoxification)
  6. Defensil (3 natural plant extracts)
  7. Vitamin E

Directions: After application of nourishing cream, apply thoroughly facial skin for 15-20 minutes before sun exposure. Spread the cream over the face and neck every morning or it can be reapplied during the day as needed.

Content: 40 g

FDA Registration Number: 20-1-6200040889

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