7 Common hair loss causes & Solution

7 Common hair loss causes & Solution

Because of, well...recent events, there has been talk of a condition called "alopecia". Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that causes hair to fall out of your head, often in clumps. The condition affects nearly 2.5 million people in the United States alone, a very stressful reality for many. Although there are many types of alopecia, there are also a large number of other conditions that can cause hair loss. Find out below the most common conditions that cause hair loss!

1. Alopecia

Alopecia comes in many forms, the most common being alopecia areata. There's also alopecia areata total, which means you've lost all the hair on your head, and alopecia universalis, which means you've lost all the hair on your body. Moreover, there is also a form that causes sudden thinning rather than a loss of spots, a form that causes hair to fall out in a gang-like shape around the sides and back of the head. No matter what you or someone you know might look like, hair loss in general can be an emotional journey.

2. Thyroid Problems

Another common cause of hair loss is thyroid problems. An underactive and overactive thyroid gland leads to a hormonal imbalance that can cause hair to thin and fall out. This is because hormones help regulate nearly every function of the body, including how our hair grows. Fortunately, thyroid imbalances can be treated, and the hair loss caused by this condition can often be reversed.

3. Lupus

Lupusis another autoimmune disease that can cause hair loss, and unfortunately, it is among the top five recognizable symptoms. At its most basic level, lupus is an inflammatory condition that causes the immune system to attack its own tissues. Due to the diffuse inflammation, it can cause your scalp hair to gradually thin out, as well as potentially losing body hair.

Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss

4. Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss

Like thyroid imbalances, post-pregnancy hair loss occurs due to fluctuating hormones. Pregnant women know that overproduction of hormones in the body often causes our hair and nails to grow like crazy, and it can take time for those hormones to return to their pre-pregnancy levels. Along with this fluctuation, loss or thinning of scalp hair can occur. The good news is that your hair is more likely to grow back and return to its normal state.

5. Diet Deficiencies

A lack of diet is often the cause of most hair and skin problems. The essential vitamins and nutrients we get from a healthy, balanced diet ensure that everything internally and externally works properly. Poor diet as well as extreme diets can cause an imbalance within our bodies that can contribute to hair thinning, hair loss and lifeless flat hair. This is why hair growth vitamins and supplements work in part because we're getting nutrients back into our bodies so actively that they've been missed so badly.

6. Overdoing Haircare Regiments

Constant use of heating tools and too many products is another frequent cause of hair loss, and it may be more frequent than you think. Since big bangs and soft braids are popular hairstyles, many people rely on hair dryers and curling irons to achieve the aforementioned look on a daily basis. Excessive use of product and hair tools damages hair over time and does not allow it to grow to its full potential. Have you ever felt that your hair will not grow? You probably use this flat iron a lot.

7. Stress

Stress, we all deal with it. Whether it's work related, relationship related, or rooted at home, stress really affects our bodies. We see it evident in our skin, our sleep schedules, weight fluctuations, and our hair. Emotional stress periods of time can cause temporary hair loss among anyone, and stress does not discriminate. The good news is that if you can manage stress in a healthy way, your hair will grow back.

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Aug 8th 2022

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