Blamy Tomato Booster Serum

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Details of Blamy Tomato Booster Serum

Product Features:

The Tomato facial serum for acne treatment and skin radiance


Blamy Tomato Booster Serum is the Tomato facial serum for people with acne. It helps add moisture to skin, promotes skin to be clear and smooth, tightens skin pores, adds radiance, and reduces dullness, acne, melasmas, freckles, and dark spots after a regular use.


  • Helps add moisture to skin
  • Helps reduce acne and brightens skin
  • Helps reduce allergic reactions and inflammation of skin
  • Promotes clear and smooth skin and tightens skin pores

Key Ingredients:

  • Tomato Extract helps reduce acne breakouts, and keeps skin healthy, not sensitive to the light. It contains lycopene that acts as an antioxidant and slows down the degeneration of skin cells.
  • Vitamin B3 adds moisture and stimulates skin to generate collagen.
  • Ceramide helps keep skin healthy and reduces irritation.
  • Allantoin reduces inflammation of skin, reduces skin allergy, helps retain water in skin, keeps skin soft and moisturized all the time, and stimulates the formation of new skin cells.

Directions: Apply to nourish facial skin regularly in the morning and evening.

Content: 20 ml

FDA Registration Number: 17-1-6300047013

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