Black Herbal Soap (Onyx Soap) by Pcare Skin Care

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Details of Black Herbal Soap by Pcare Skin Care

Product Features:

The organic soap for melasma and acne resistance


Black Herbal Soap is a detox soap for acne reduction and clear skin. It's suitable for all skin types, including dry skin, sensitive skin, or even skin affected to dangerous substances. It contains extracts beneficial in detoxifying the toxins under skin, treating acne, strengthening skin, reducing allergy and irritation, brightening facial skin, smoothening skin, and tightening skin pores. It can be used on both facial and body skin.

Suitable for:

  1. It's a soap for acne treatment so it's suitable for all types of acne, including comedone, inflamed acne, papule acne or even acne caused by allergic to cosmetics. The soap can be used to excellently treat acne whether on facial or back skin. Daily usage will help keep skin healthy, noticeably reduce acne, and prevent the formation of new acne.
  2. It's suitable for those with acne scars, melasmas, and dull and rough skin. It's the soap that promotes satisfying results of clear skin.
  3. It's suitable for those with large pores and deteriorated skin.

How different?

  • It's a soap that focuses on acne treatment with benefits of Trytosan that helps inhibit bacteria or even fungus which is the cause of acne. It contains no odor or color, so it is suitable for those who are prone to allergy. Satisfaction guaranteed after usage!
  • It promotes skin to be clear and radiant with reduction of melasmas and freckles distinctively. It helps brighten entire body with no bleaching due to a mixture of AHA Fruity, a natural AHA that gradually exfoliates skin but distinctively provides great results. It's such a whitening or AHA soap that you'll love most!
  • It contains a mixture of charcoal powder and Onyx powder, which is an extract that can detox under skin and help keep pores clean, leading to the reduction of pore clogging.
  • It contains collagen, gold and concentrated aloe vera which help soften facial skin immediately after the first use. It also helps strengthen skin after a continual use.
  • It also helps tighten skin pores and promote skin to be smooth after a continual use. The skin pores are tighter due to the benefit of Taraktogenos Kurzii which helps reduce the function of the sebaceous gland and excellently tightens skin pores.

Directions: Cleanse body and facial skin regularly every morning and evening.

Content: 35 g.

FDA Registration Number:10-1-6100026120

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