Babalah Whitening Soft Cream Brighten up and Moisture

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Details of Babalah Whitening Soft Cream Brighten up and Moisture

Product Features:

The cream for naturally bright and healthy skin


Babalah Whitening Soft Cream Brighten up and Moisture finishes all facial skin problems in one jar. Nourishing cream from Babalah Soft Cream is the innovation formulated specific for only Babalah skin care with award-winning extracts, the only one in Thailand. With the value from Brown Seaweed Extract, it helps brighten skin, reduces dark spots, wrinkles, and dullness, urgently restores facial skin to be full of water, glowing, beautiful, and naturally healthy, and revitalizes damaged skin to be clear. With our selected, invented, and tested nourishing cream, you will get the best results for your facial skin.


  • Helps nourish facial skin to be bright naturally
  • Helps reduce dullness, melasmas, freckles, and dark spots
  • Helps add moisture to make skin full of water and glowing
  • Helps slow down aging and premature aging

Key Ingredients:

  • Brown Algae (Dictyopteris membranacea) is an extract from the Mediterranean deep sea. It controls melanocytes to reduce melanin synthesis and inhibit delivery of melanin pigment to the upper skin. With herbal extracts that have properties in SkinSooth, Eczema Skin, and Healing, it helps reduce dullness, melasmas, freckles, and dark spots.
  • Green Tea contains FLAVONOID and EGCG, which EGCG is reported to be a great anti-infective agent. It helps adjust hormones, prevents acne, and reduces inflammation of acne by reducing the bacteria in the pores with antibacterial effect.
  • Chamomile (MATRICARIA RECUTITA) has skin anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, reducing inflammation of acne, and leaving no dark marks.
  • Rosemary (ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS) is a source of high anti-oxidant compounds in the phenol group. It helps slow down aging and premature aging.
  • Licorice Extract promotes anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and antibacterial effects. It helps protect against UV rays and improves skin tone to be brighter.

Directions: Apply onto the face and neck regularly in the morning and evening.

Content: 30 g

FDA Registration Number: 10-1-600036703

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